About me

Asaf Solomon, resident of Rosh Pina in the uper Galilee - Aerial photographer of amazing landscapes and historical sites!!


As far as I can remember myself, I love nature and agriculture.

Already as a child I started to dream about wings so I could see the world from a point of a view of a bird and I could feel the taste of freedom.


I had my flying lessons in United Sates as I was traveling around the globe. With every flight I had my camera with me and this is how my dream came through. Flight and photography.


In 1988 when the first Motorized parachutes arrived in Israel I began to fly all over the country and I discover that it was the ultimate mode of transportation that allow to fly and to photograph at the same time.


My dream came through and now I am heading toward new horizons and I am keeping on dreaming.....

Asaf Solomon

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